Katrina Goes South

The Hurricane Center says, don’t fixate on the center line. How can you not?

Katrina made land around Hallandale Beach in Southern Broward County. Then, instead of heading west, it headed southwest. It’s now in Central Dade County – in the swamp I believe.

I’ll watch the news out of Florida tomorrow, and I expect to see angry people… unprepared people… because this tracked south of the line.

My guess, based on radar imagery, is we’ll see 10″+ rain from around Miami Beach. Maybe more.

One thought on “Katrina Goes South”

  1. Geoff,

    My brother is in Miami Beach, FL. They did not evacuate this time, but last hurricaine season, they evacuated them at least two times. This is by far the hardest they have been hit in the last two years, but it seems like they had no clue it was coming. My brother and his friends are sitting around playing poker by candlelight right now. Part of me wishes I was there….no, I take that back – no air conditioning.

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