I’m Sure He’s a Nice Guy

“I’m sure he’s a nice guy.” That was my father’s opening line before he trashed Pat Boone&#185.

My mother was less charitable. “He can’t hit the notes.” “He can’t sing.” “He’s got a thread of his voice.”

Possibly the cruelest blow was when she said people applauded when he was done, so he came back. “He should have stayed where he was.”

My mom was also upset Pat was selling CDs after the show. Fortunately, or unfortunately, everyone does that. Years ago, the very elegant Victor Borge did that after his show. I thought it was low class, but ya’ gotta make a buck.

My parents didn’t go as Pat Boone fans. Friends of theirs ended up with an extra ticket. Did they want to go? Dinner at the clubhouse and a show – it’s a big South Florida night out.

Obviously, they didn’t leave as Pat Boone fans either.

Here’s Pat’s quandary. I’m sure he still enjoys performing – it’s an enjoyable thing. Obviously, if he’s getting booked, he’s making money. Is there a time to pack it in? Are we all destined for that?

&#185 – amazingly, Pat’s own website is the sixth result from a Google search.

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