AT&T Says: They Shouldn’t “Expect A Free Ride.”

I have written about this a few times already – but it doesn’t seem to want to go away. Internet service providers, like AT&T (until recently SBC) want to charge me for Internet service, as they should, and then charge those who provide the content too.

That’s a major change in the way the Internet has run. If I were AT&T, that’s what I’d want too. But is it fair or right? I don’t think so.

Let’s put it another way. I pick up my phone and call Sergio’s to order a pizza. Should AT&T be able to charge Sergio’s for telling me what’s on the menu, or is my paying for the call enough? It always has been.

Here’s what AT&T’s president Ed Whitaker has to say:

2 thoughts on “AT&T Says: They Shouldn’t “Expect A Free Ride.””

  1. “Not the piece from the customer to the network…but for accessing the so-called Internet cloud”

    What they are leaving out is that the content provider is ALSO a customer of *someone* and IS paying for their access to this “cloud”. I hope they don’t think people are dumb enough to think that google and yahoo don’t have to pay someone to provide them bandwidth as well.

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