I Got The Poster – Sweet

My 16×24″ ‘self made’ poster has arrived from the printer. I am very pleased. It is everything I hoped it would be.

I wrote Scott Kelby, author of the book where I found the technique I used, to thank him for the idea. No response.

Now it’s time to frame it and the two panoramas I received earlier in the week.

I went to Michael’s, the crafts store, last night between newscasts. Talk about being a stranger in a strange land! They just don’t get a lot of male customers, without a woman dragging them in.

Since my panos are unusual sizes, I went to ‘build’ frames using the kits they sell. They had one, but not two, 8″ pieces. Stock should be in today and I’ll try and pick it up.

Of course they don’t sell the glass. Neither does Home Depot, across the street. You’d think this would be something home Depot would do, wouldn’t you?

There is a glazier pretty close to me, so I called this afternoon. They don’t have the proper thickness glass (1/8″ – but they could have told me anything), but can have it tomorrow. Last time I bought glass it was more expensive than anticipated. It’s still made from sand, right?

Hopefully, by sometime tomorrow afternoon, my first three pieces of photographic artistry will be ready for wall hanging. There is a pure, pristine, virginal wall (the right side of the hallway to our bedroom) which will become my gallery. I suppose I’ll go through my older photos, looking for more shots to print.

As much as I enjoy photography, I hardly ever print my work. Often, I’ll work on a photo in Photoshop just to see what transpires and then discard the finished product, holding onto the original photo file, but doing nothing with it.

Now I can change all that.

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