Photos From Argentina

My friend Wendie just spent a week visiting Argentina. She stayed in Buenos Aires and traveled to the falls at Iguazu. Whenever there was food, there was beef – it was after all Argentina.

I enjoyed reading her reports and was anxiously awaiting her photos. They came this morning, and they’re very cool.

The most interesting photo, to me, isn’t of a place or person, but these seltzer bottles!

This really takes me back. When I was a kid growing up in an apartment, we were on a seltzer delivery route! Every week at our front door, for anyone so inclined to steal, there were seltzer bottles. Of course, at the end of the week we put out our empties.

It seems such an anachronism that someone would go to the trouble to deliver these glass bottles on a regular schedule. The world doesn’t operate that way anymore.

I can’t say there’s any difference now, getting seltzer in a 2-liter plastic bottle, except it doesn’t look like these. Certainly, without the seltzer bottle, the Marx Brothers, Three Stooges and Clarabell would have needed to find another line of work.

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  1. I was lucky enough to have been with Wendie when she took the picture, having lured her down to BA with my tales of the place. The seltzer bottles bring back memories of my childhood. For some reason, like New York, seltzer bottles (or “sifones” as they are called in BA)became a part of local culture, paralleling their development up north. Today they are plastic, and the old glass ones have become collectors’ items. I saw one in a Dallas designer showroom on sale for $95. I’m the proud owner of 3 of them, 2 in my home in BA, and one in Dallas. Great photo, Wendie!

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