Two More Runs

The computers have crunched the numbers two more times. It still looks like a major storm – maybe more so.

I so hate snow. I so want to be right in my prediction. I am so conflicted.

4 thoughts on “Two More Runs”

  1. Jeff,

    Would the snow to water conversion be in the 15-20 to 1 range. I live in Chicopee, MA. Also what about high tide flooding along the coast. Minor or Moderate.



  2. Jeff,

    I hate snow as well but maybe the kids will at least get to do a little sledding this year and I can dust off my snow blower. Does it look like we will get any infusion of warm air on the coast (I’m in Milford) to cause a mixture or changeover? I prefer just the snow, it’s easier on my back. I know we still have several more weeks of winter but maybe this will be all we get this season (I know, wishful thinking!) and we can look forward to Spring!

    Keep us updated!

  3. I can see how forcasting is a tough thing. So here you go, just say that we will get between 1 and 14 inches of snow! There , you’ve covered your possibilities of being off a few inches….this is YOUR easy button!!

  4. hey Geoff,

    Do u think i’ll be able to go snowboarding this year. I hadn’t had any use of my Snowboard this year. How bad is this storm going to be and dose this have the makings of a noreaster

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