Oh My God – Snow!

I guess Mother Nature was waiting for me to fall asleep before really ramping it up. There was some snow on the ground when I went to bed at 5:00 AM… and I was worried the storm might not ‘verify’.

All the computer readings were right on, but there’s an amazing insecurity all weather forecasters must share at times like this. I was pondering the imponderables.

The station called around 11:00 AM. Could I get there early to do a cut-in during the basketball game? When I looked out the window, I knew this was the real deal.

There’s at least a foot of snow at my house, and judging by reports from viewers and the DOT, some areas are approaching, or exceeding, two feet of snow!

Driving to work wasn’t that bad, actually. Even I’m surprised. The roads were snow covered, but the Explorer was equal to the task. This was one of those rare days when I shifted the car into one of the numbered gears (as opposed to drive) and popped the transmission into 4-wheel drive low.

Hey – if you’re someone who wants to ban SUV’s, please don’t talk to me today. This SUV was the only way I could get to work to tell you to stay home.

I stopped at the Dunkin’ Donuts near home for some coffee. It was an all-Indian crew today. The guy in charge (or at least the only adult) said they had nothing like this in India, though they had floods. He made the floods sound less invasive – really. Then he looked out the window and sighed.

Helaine has little patience for this stuff. She was unhappy about me driving. She is unhappy we’ll have to deal with it on roads and sidewalks for a while, with snow piles lasting weeks.

There’s something to be said about palm trees and complaining when it’s 50&#176, as my mother did today.

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