I Am Currently Twiddling

Steffie’s laptop computer had a run-in with some juice earlier this afternoon. It works fine, with the exception of the Enter, space bar, and some other keys.

OK – under those circumstances it might as well be dead.

I need to contact Dell for service, since we have the ‘all hazards’ protection. I thought, with a college student, this was a good idea. Two points for Geoff.

I went to the Dell site looking for support. Buying it was much easier than finding it!

I waited on the phone, but it’s tough to stay on the phone when you’re at work. Instead, I’m trying their on-line chat function.

There’s obviously a lot of estimating going on. At one point it told me I had 5:12 to wait. A few minutes later it was up to 5:44, even though there was one less person in the queue.

On-line chats have many advantages. For instance, I’ll never know if “Chad” or whomever I get to talk to is really in India or closer to home (don’t bet on closer to home).

02/13/2006 08:26:32PM Agent (Gaurav_01113232): “Thank you for contacting Dell Consumer Hardware Warranty Support Chat. My name is Gaurav. Please give me a minute to review your question.”

He’s here. It’s Gaurav. Where’s Chad?

Chatting for tech support is like living life in slow motion. It’s excruciatingly slow. On the other hand, with my typos from time-to-time, he’s not the only one who is speaking like a foreigner&#185.

02/13/2006 08:38:56PM Agent (Gaurav_01113232): “I request for a minute more please.”

I’ve just paused while finishing my chat. I am pleasantly surprised. Again, we bought the full, no holds barred coverage.

02/13/2006 08:30:55PM Agent (Gaurav_01113232): “Well as per you warranty there are two option first to send the system to depot for complete check, it will take 6-8 days.”

02/13/2006 08:31:20PM Agent (Gaurav_01113232): “Or I will send technician or the key board with proper tolls and lay out to get it replaced.”

02/13/2006 08:32:00PM Agent (Gaurav_01113232): “Technician will not examine the system completely as it can only be done in depot , he will only replace the keyboard of the system.”

02/13/2006 08:32:14PM Agent (Gaurav_01113232): “Please let me know what service call should I create .”

I chose Stef’s dorm. Trust me, this is much better than it could have been and certainly easier than taking it or sending it to a depot.

I think Steffie is impressed. I am certainly impressed. I’ll report back when the laptop is fixed.

Oh – if you’re hanging around and run into Gaurav, let him know he made a friend in Connecticut. I just wish he worked here too.

&#185 – Gaurav, as it turns out, is in New Delhi.

3 thoughts on “I Am Currently Twiddling”

  1. Geoff,

    Dell tech support isn’t nearly as bad as people are made to believe. As a corporate System Engineer, I deal with Dell on a regular basis, in support of hundreds of systems.

    What you have to do is “get past” the “basic” support guys. those are the guys that are there to make sure that you rebooted, that you have the latest service packs and drivers and such (which obviously have no effect on a broken keyboard, but they’ve still asked!)

    Go to premiersupport.dell.com – get an account there.

    Enter the service tags of any dell equipment you own and it will keep them on file for you.

    If you have any problems. click the “contact us” link, and find the “send us an email” link (ok, I put it in quotes, but I can’t remember what the actual text is – but you get the point.)

    Simply send them an email stating exactly what the problem is. To “appease” them, make sure you tell them that you’ve run the diagnostic CD, and that you rebooted, and that you have the latest system updates and drivers.. etc.

    You’ll hear back from them in about 4 hours – usually they simply say “ok, we are sending parts” or “ok, we’ll have a tech call and schedule a time with you”

    I’m not sure if they will just send replacement parts to a non-corporate account, but if your contract covers a tech coming out – may as well have them do the work anyway.

  2. Geoff-

    I REALLY laughed — when I saw the response from “a corporate System Engineer, I deal with Dell on a regular basis, in support of hundreds of systems.”

    Guess what — people whom buy 100’s of systems DO get Michael Dell’s attention. Unfortunately the mere single unit buyer: myself, maybe Geoff only get “help” from Dell people whom are taking ESL! They think that explaining where to find the “on/off switch” is what they were “trained” to answer (via some inane script). Maybe half of the India reps — whom ALWAYS answer the Dell 800 phone number calls — can answer that Tough techincal question!!! Buy Dell if you are techo geek (I am), buy ** if you want to get technical advise in US English!! Dell does not provide the plebe with any meanigful tech support!!

    Dell no longer answers tech inquiries, at least from those of us whom do not order 100’s of PCs.


  3. Geoff,

    I have to agree wholeheartly with Dave! I have been a staunch Dell afficianado until my last experience with them when I tried to purchase a replacement power supply for my notebook. It took me in excess of an hour to get someone to help me going round and round and told to contact different support areas until I was ready to scream. And again, support in India was literally useless, only good if you are a true novice with a true novice problem. I would NEVER purchase another Dell.

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