Curling – More Than Shuffleboard On Ice

Before I left home, and now that I’m at work, I have been watching the one Olympic sport I really enjoy – Curling!

I’m not some curling “Gord come lately!” Helaine and I used to watch curling on Canadian TV when we lived in Buffalo.

The Canadians used to re-brand and then run ABC’s Wide World of Sports. When swimming or other warm weather sports ran, the Canadians would cover them with curling, clips from the Calgary Stampede or other suitable north-of-the-border fare.

It is such a simple game to understand. At first glance it looks like shuffleboard on ice… except this isn’t smooth ice… and then you add in the guys with brooms. It’s crazy.

There’s lots of strategy and tension, no doubt. But, why lie? I like curling because I think I could probably play it. There are few… no, there are no other Olympic sports I ‘d even attempt.

Imagine me on the luge! Imagine me in one of those form fitting outfits the downhill racers wear! imagine me on skis with a rifle! You get the idea.

As I’m writing this, Fred Rogan (who normally anchors sports at KNBC in Los Angeles – a curling hotbed – not) is reading viewer emails. A genuine Canadian is answering them.

I am transfixed!

I just called Helaine. Maybe we could join a co-ed curling league?

Don Chevrier, a Canadian sportscaster who is working with Rogan, has just commented on the curling heat, building in the United States. He was surprised in Salt Lake City, and it’s continuing in Torino.

No matter how much I kid around, I seriously enjoy watching curling. I can’t say that about any other Olympic sport.

Holy cow! What’s wrong with me?

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