Disoriented Days

Since the beginning of the February ratings period, my work schedule has changed. After a few decades of Monday-Friday, I now work Sunday-Thursday (along with the rest of our 6:00 PM team).

My first reaction was to be upset. After all, Monday through Friday is the conventional work week. Then I thought about it a little more.

Being off on Friday has its advantages. Now, Helaine and I can be together on a day that’s traditionally a ‘date night’ day. That’s sort of neat. I’m totally not used to that.

Working Sunday probably has its disadvantages, though I haven’t seen too many of them yet. It’s a much more casual day at work (though how casual can you be while wearing a suit) with a lot less supervision.

The strangest thing is, I’ve realized Saturday and Sunday are more than columns on the calendar. There is a conceptual difference between Saturday, Sunday and the five weekdays.

Yesterday had a Saturday feel for Helaine and me. More than once I thought of yesterday as Saturday.

This morning I was disappointed to see the thin Saturday newspaper without the supplements. It’s my Sunday, no matter what it is for everyone else.

Whether I remain on this schedule is a decision removed from me. Until that decision is made, I’ll live a little bit off kilter as I relate to the days of the week.

And, no matter what you read above this entry – It’s Sunday to me.

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