I Love You – What’s Your Name?

I’m trying to avoid late night snacks. I can’t totally eschew the pleasure nocturnal munching provides, but I’m doing the best I can… you know, considering I’m willpower challenged.

One of the simplest tricks is to avoid staying anywhere near where food is stored. So, recently, I’ve been coming upstairs to my ‘office’ and being on the computer here.

But then, I get hungry.

Hey, it’s nearly 2:00 AM. Is there a time when food tastes better?

I went downstairs, opened the refrigerator door and there they were – plums. I have no idea what this particular variety of plum is called. I wish I did. They are perfect.

This Chilean plum (how else could we have fresh fruit in February) is quite firm and very juicy. The skin is mostly red with golden flecks. As soon as you bite in, you get sweet and tangy at the same time. This is as close to sex as I get with fruit.

From past years, I know the availability of these particular plums is limited. I’m not sure, but there may also be a brief window, during the ‘real’ fresh fruit season, when the domestic equivalent is on the shelves.

I was going to ask if any of you reading this knew the name of the variety, but the plum has a website! I have sent an email asking the plum’s name.

I have gone off the deep end, haven’t I?

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