Why Aren’t I Worried?

Normally, the day before a storm I get a little antsy. I’m not antsy today. It’s really weird.

The day before a storm my website traffic picks up. It has today. Nice to see you.

Why am I so sanguine? It’s not like this forecast hasn’t changed. They weren’t radical changes, but rather small shifts on the track day-to-day.

Earlier, that led me to believe we’d have a mix of precipitation tomorrow. Now it looks like all snow. And, actually, it makes it a whole lot easier to explain what’s going to happen.

Of course Wednesday’s serenity might turn to Hell on Earth by Thursday. It’s not what happens that counts – it’s whether what happens matches what I said it would do.

So, though I shudder at the thought, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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