On Our Way To Florida

It seems such a shame. Now that it’s begun to get warm, we’re heading to Florida.

We haven’t seen my folks since late October, so this seemed like a good time. You’ve also got to add the fact that I’ve been ‘forced’ to use some vacation time or lose it.

As much as I like Southwest Airlines, our allegiance will cost us in convenience. The trip down to Palm Beach International will take around six hours, including a change of planes in Tampa.

I’m bringing my camera. For the first time ever Helaine and I are both bringing laptops.

I’m also bringing a small video camera. I have this idea about interviewing my folks and having them describe how they met, dated and married. The finished product will be a ‘video short’.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, my next post will be from Boynton Beach – land of decaf.

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