Arrival In Boynton Beach

Is there a tuberculosis sanitarium here in Palm Beach County? I’m asking because of an experience in Tampa last night.

We were standing in line, waiting to board our flight, when the hacker arrived. She was not a Richie Hebner type hacker. This was a woman with a cough loud enough to wake the dead.

When you first hear a cough like this, your reaction is to look up and speak to God. I begged him not to put her in an enclosed aluminum tube with us for an hour.

So much for my pull with God.

We got on and moved about two thirds of the way to the back. She got on and moved farther back. Trajectory was on her side.

As the door to the plane closed, it became apparent she had a partner in crime. Another woman began hacking and coughing. Southwest, now with stereo coughing.

Isn’t this the fear of every airplane traveler? You’re a shut-in with diseased passengers.

So, though we’re thrilled to be here… should Helaine and I come down with something terrible, you read it here first.

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