Now It Can Be Told

We’re back home. The heat has been restored to human levels. We’re already up to 60&#176!

Down the hall, I can hear the sound as the washer begins its first of many loads.

This was a good trip to Florida, but there is one part I couldn’t tell while the trip was ongoing.

We left on Saturday. On Sunday one of our neighbors, Wayne, called. He was wondering why our garage door had been up for the last day or so!

When we left Connecticut, I pulled Helaine’s car out of the garage and we loaded from the front steps. Helaine locked up and left through the garage – but it was behind me and I never bothered to look… or hit the button!

I’ll find out for sure later, but I believe Wayne had one of his daughters hit the button to close the door then make a mad dash out!

It’s good to have good and observant neighbors. It’s also nice to see everything intact on our return.

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