That Doesn’t Match

I was making my dash to the door, heading to work, when Helaine stopped me. “That doesn’t match,” she said, referring to my suit and tie.

The suit is gray. The tie was black and white – small checks.

Don’t black and gray match?

I know she saved me from a fashion faux pas… I just don’t know how?

We used to kid around that I needed “Garanimal” tags to keep me matched. It’s not a joke. I do.

Do they make “Garanimals Adult?” If so, count me in.

I think this is a guy thing. We just don’t get it. And, we know that women hold the secret, but refuse to let us in on it.

Even today, I asked Helaine why the suit and tie didn’t match. “They just don’t.”

That’ll teach me!

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