Shmoozing With The Teachers

Tonight was the annual dinner for the Connecticut Assocation of Schools. Me and nearly 600 teachers and administrators at Aqua Turf. This was my 12th consecutive appearance.

I know I wrote about it yesterday. Let me add a little more.

Live performance is like a drug for me. When it goes well it’s the most astounding buzz. When you crack a joke and people laugh – wow. It was that kind of night. I’m not saying it was perfect, but it was pretty good.

I see some of you with cards saying you’re getting the vegetarian meal. That’s like going to Italy for the Chinese food.

OK – I’m no Seinfeld, but it worked with this crowd.

It’s funny how the perception of elementary school teachers changes from your own grade school days to adulthood. They’re real people. When I was in school they were not.

I posed for lots of pictures and schmoozed with anyone who’d let me. I’m a big believer in personal contact, but it also feeds my sickness… the same one that gets me buzzed with live performances.

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