How Men And Women Are Different

Helaine took a look in the guest room sometime last week and decided the sheets and bedspread were old. Time for a change.

These are thoughts I would never have. On the other hand, Helaine would never think to defrag a hard drive. We each have our strengths.

She found the linens she wanted, bought them and took a long, hard look at the guest room. It’s a room we use 5-10 times a year.

The wall color just won’t do – not with the new look on the bed.

Saturday it was off to Home Depot where, with my expert help, she picked out a new wall color&#185. I can’t describe the color, except to say it’s nice. The room was blueish. Now it will be yellowish.

A gallon of paint, a gallon of primer, roller refills, drop cloth, paint tray, masking tape. We were good to go.

Sunday, Helaine started with the primer. She spent Monday thinking about how every muscle and joint in her body were hurting. Today, she’s covering the primer with the paint. The room will look great and match the bedspread and sheets.

I am happy, because this will make her happy. But I am puzzled why none of this would ever register on any guy’s radar – certainly not mine? It just wouldn’t.

Is this environmental or is there some part of our brains which work differently?

&#185 – The world would be a better place if there were about 10% as many paint chips to look at. Is there really a difference between 320A and 330A? And, more importantly, think of the burden for the person who has to name each one!

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  1. When we moved to AZ we have the interior of the house painted white – do you know how many different “whites” there are?

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