My Car Is Sad

A few weeks ago, I opened my car door and heard something fall. Unfortunately whatever it was was inside the door panel. The door start opening with a bad sound.

A little while after that the driver’s window stopped retracting about halfway down. I didn’t connect the two right away. I do now.

The car is going for service next week, and my friend Steve (who is in charge of all things mechanical) said he would fix it.

End of story… except I opened the door today and it wouldn’t close! Whatever is broken inside is now wedged in such a way that it stops any motion.

Think about it for a second. Of all the mechanical things that can go wrong, this one is among the most serious. After all, the car no longer fits through the garage door! Even if it did, you can’t exactly drive with your door open.

I turned off the map light. I’m hoping there’s nothing else pulling current while the car sits idle in its parking spot.

Helaine, Steffie and I did a car swap this afternoon. Since Steffie and I are both working tonight, Helaine is homebound with strong thunderstorms moving through the area.

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