That Blue Angels Video

I’ve always enjoyed watching the video of my flight with the Blue Angels. Yes, I was a little surprised when the pilot pulled up, fired the afterburner, and shot to 10,000 feet!

I placed the video on YouTube, because… well, because I wanted it seen by more people.

It slowly racked up viewers and by a week or so ago, over 2,000 had seen it on YouTube. Then, something happened. I don’t quite know what, but I would guess it’s been put on some popular list or publicized heavily on a website.

Whatever the reason, my video has taken a growth spurt. Just a moment ago I looked. The counter is now over 40,000!

Like I said, I have no idea why.

2 thoughts on “That Blue Angels Video”

  1. Probably because of this video (your video is on the right)

    Check that video out though! The poor guy passes out and looks terrible!

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