What I Had For Dinner

I have a friend who shall remain nameless and placeless. He thinks this blog goes too deeply into the minutiae of my life.

“No one wants to hear what you had to eat,” he has said more than once. If that is true, stop reading now.

Yesterday was an idyllic evening in Connecticut. It might be tough to explain if you’re not from here. It was one of those evenings my 7&#189 year old convertible is made for.

Helaine and I headed to the shoreline and Lenny’s. I’m sure I’ve mentioned Lenny’s before. It is a fixture in Branford, housed in what was an eclectic building.

Over the years I had grown accustomed to certain eccentricities of Lenny’s. That’s why I was shocked when I walked in, looked up and saw a new ceiling! Not only that, it was visually pleasing.

By definition, nothing in Lenny’s had ever been visually pleasing. The walls were made of particle board. The booths had to have been put together by a high school shop class. The lighting was dim… and probably not dim for mood lighting.

Now there are real walls, a nice ceiling, and an outdoor eating area, which is where we got seated after a short wait.

My first trip to Lenny’s was over 20 years ago, probably with some people from the station. I ordered one thing that night and have had the same order every time, at least a few times a year. It’s the “Shore Dinner.”

Includes cup of chowder, 2 cherrystones, sweet corn, lobster, steamers, coffee, watermelon (in season)

The price has probably doubled over the last two decades, but it’s still the only thing I’ve ever ordered. I wish there were more than two cherrystone clams – a favorite. But, you get a lot of steamers and last night the lobster was sweet and tasty.

Helaine and I drove back with the top down and the radio up. I’m not sure the night could have been more perfect.

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