The CIA… Really?

I hadn’t intended blogging. In fact, I was just sitting here on the sofa in the family room watching TV. And, though it’s unusual, the laptop next to me was off.

Let me admit right here, I was watching the nerdiest geekiest most dweebie program available on TV. Here’s the listing:

"Freeway on the Seaway: The CAT"

The CAT, super-fast car ferry.

Original Airdate: May 21, 2004. 

Even worse, I’m sure I’ve seen some of it before!

Anyway, it’s important you keep in mind how nerdy this program was, because as it dipped to commercial at 1:11 AM, on came a red screen with the Central Intelligence Agency logo.

The logo, actually animated, sprouted a door which opened revealing a flying insect. As the bug flew through cartoon drawn techie scenes, the narration began.

“Some of our bugs have been… well, real bugs. At the CIA, our scientists and engineers create and apply innovative technology to meet intelligence needs. Care to join them? Technology so advanced, it’s classified. (In soto voce) U.S. citizenship required.”

You’re kidding right?

No – it was a legitimate ad, and very cleverly animated. And, to me, placing this particular ad on this particular program is perfect! The CIA has found where its target audience hides.

It has little to do with patriotism and a lot to do with offering kids a way to grow up and still keep their toys. If I were in my late teens or early twenties, the agency would have found me a receptive viewer.

Good intelligence on this one CIA.

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