I’ve Got To Step It Up

There’s an article in today’s Wall Street Journal about bloggers. I’d post it, or a link, but WSJ is by subscription. I only saw it because we get a copy in the newsroom.

The story addressed the quandary faced by bloggers who go on vacation. Do you post? Do you stop? What about a substitute blogger?

The blogs that used subs ended up with reduced traffic. The bloggers that go 365 days a year seem a little too tightly wound.

OK – that’s me – I know.

What impressed me were the traffic numbers for some of the more well known blogs. Just doing some quick math, and assuming my tiny revenue would scale, you can make a reasonable living in your pajamas if you can aggregate 100,000 readers a day – as some of those big blogs seem to do.

Earlier this year, I was thinking of visiting a friend out-of-state. He’d love to have me, but no blogging. He didn’t want his personal life archived. You really can’t fault him.

In the meantime, it looks like I might be taking a few days and going to Maine with an old friend. Will there be Internet access? Cell service? Doubts on that too.

I’ll have to carrier pigeon the blog in to the server. Helaine’s not totally sure I’d survive.

One thought on “I’ve Got To Step It Up”

  1. Last month I spent a week in the great state of Maine, visiting family in and around my old hometown.

    Cell service is certainly less spotty than it used to be, but my internet access was limited to Starbucks. I’d say plan on being cut off from the world if you go up there!! (But it’s oh so beautiful and worth the trip…)

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