A Day In Pajamas

As I wrote yesterday, we moved up Steffie’s return to school by one day. If you ask the college to approve, they’ll say no. So, don’t ask.

Helaine took our car, while I acted as the emergency navigator for Stef. Actually, I was pretty much unneeded. She knew where we were going.

I did realize something – and when she reads this Steffie will realize it too. Road signs are confusing to today’s drivers because concepts like “3/4 mile” or “1/2 mile” are meaningless.

Steffie sees a sign and… well she really doesn’t know if she needs to move over now or a few minutes. How far is a mile anyway? Should she pass a car to fit in or slide behind?

Over time she’ll figure it out. Right now, it’s a puzzlement.

We arrived at school ten minutes before Helaine. That gave us time to unload into a large cart. The carts look like what you might see at an industrial laundry.

Of course nothing is ever easy! Along with the move in, we were also putting down carpeting. We left the contents of the car in the hall while I figured out how to deal with the furniture.

Dorm furniture is as bulky and heavy as it is ugly. It was certainly more than I could handle, even with Stef and her roommate. While we took more out of the car, Stef called for ‘muscle.’

In this case it was a friend of hers from Connecticut starting his freshman year. He came over with a handful of guys and we were golden.

By this time Helaine was there too and the contents of her car joined Steffie’s load in the hallway outside the dorm room.

We could have stayed to watch as all the clothing, drinks and snacks, electronics and supplies went in, but by this time, we were excess baggage. Helaine and I had served our purpose. It was time for us to go.

Leaving this time, especially with Steffie having a car and the ability to come back more frequently, wasn’t as traumatic as last year.

We were back in Connecticut before midnight.

Today, scheduled move-in day, was pretty rotten weatherwise – though nowhere near as bad as anticipated. Still, moving Stef yesterday saved a lot of trouble and allowed today to be pajama day at the Fox household.

Without Steffie the house has become very quiet again.

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