Maine Pictures Go Online

This is never easy, deciding which photos make the cut. I shot too many and often took the easy way out, snapping two, three, sometimes four of the same subject at the same time. Each time I clicked I adjusted something.

It’s a luxury of digital photography that didn’t exist when film was king. You pay the luxury tax on the back end when you have to look through everything! Over 1,000 photos takes time.

Even the 180 or so I’ve put online needed short captions. Otherwise Google wouldn’t know what they were.

There are two ways to see my pictures… well, there should be. The slide show movie is giving me fits and I just can’t get it properly implemented online.

As I just mentioned, I’ve placed a bunch in my gallery, which is working.

As hard as I try to maintain the quality, these photos on the web don’t approach the original quality of the pictures ‘as shot.’ There are around a dozen I’ll be printing and hopefully hanging.

My trip won’t be complete until I write a little summary of what we did and what we found. There are a few things I’d like to say about Maine and the people I met there.

It was a surprising trip. Maine was nothing like I expected because it was everything I expected – only more intense and with no unwanted filler.

I hope that made sense?

2 thoughts on “Maine Pictures Go Online”

  1. Wow, great photos. Thanks for sharing them!

    Even though I grew up in Maine, I just visited Mt. Desert Island, Acadia, and Bar Harbor for the very first time last month. The weather wasn’t nearly as nice as you had — it was barely 60 degrees and raining that weekend — but I will definitely be going back.

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