Two Parts Of My Maine Story I Forgot To Mention

I’ve posted a lot of photos and written a lot of prose about my Maine vacation. There were, however, two interesting events I haven’t talked about. They’re not good or bad – just weird.

The first happened as Bob and I were driving in the car, late one evening. We had the radio on when we heard a commercial for Diva’s, a club in Bangor.

Diva’s was advertising for dancers… adult dancers! Though I thought I’d already heard everything, I was wrong.

I changed the station. The same ad ran a minute later.

My second Maine moment was equally weird. I was watching TV on Monday. Of course, the lead story was the 5th anniversary of the 9/11.

As a national package ended, the camera came up on a young anchor team. They looked serious and sincere. He turned to the camera and talked about how he remembered 9/11 – how shocking it had been.

Then he said he was in high school at the time! Uh huh. He’s anchoring in Bangor, but was in high school for 9/11.

It’s all much too weird.

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