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I read a discussion board entry about a show called “The Class,” which airs on CBS. I went to the CBS site where episodes are available online. After a few minutes of watching I knew the show wasn’t for me, but I did find something very interesting.

That’s a screen capture of the bottom of the video player. Along with the the ‘normal’ buttons is one that says “BOSS Button.”

I clicked it.

This capture has been resized to fit in my blog, but the video player is replaced with what looks like an email program! I say looks like, because you’re really still in a web browser. If you click anywhere in the faux mail form, you’re back to the video player.

Very clever on CBS’ part. I give it a lifespan under one hour after the first real corporate complaint is lodged.

It does bring up some interesting implications I hadn’t thought of, especially since I work at a business where everyone has a TV at their desk, or nearby. Websites like CBS’ now bring TV to the workplace without asking permission… through the back door, if you will.

For corporate managers, scared already about EBay and IM cutting into productivity, this technology will produce sleepless nights.

Blogger’s note: I have been told the BOSS button also was on the video player for last year’s online coverage of the NCAA basketball tournament.

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  1. It was also on a game I played back in law school called “Leisure Suit Larry” and when you hit it, it pulled up a graph that looked very “work”

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