Rich Little Is Responsible For My Marriage

When I came downstairs this morning, Helaine mentioned she had read my last blog entry. “Rich Little is why we’re married,” she said.

I stopped for a second to ponder that line. Then it hit me. She’s right.

I’m going to try and tell this story, but there is a problem. A really good friend, someone heavily involved in this story, doesn’t want to be mentioned here. So be it.

This friend is a real show biz guy. For decades now, he’s been working with celebrities. If I were to mention the names, you’d recognize nearly all of them.

Back in the early 80s, my friend was producing for a Dick Clark series called “Inside America.” He followed Rich Little to Philadelphia on a promo tour. Rich was promoting an audio cassette – a comedy record. My friend was in charge of a crew taping Rich. They ended up at the radio station where Helaine worked.

Helaine was promotion director at WIOQ in Philadelphia, involved in coordinating Little’s on-air appearance.

Memories are a little hazy now, but somehow Helaine and my friend struck up a conversation and my name came up. I had worked in Philadelphia radio, meeting Helaine just a few weeks before I left.

By the way – Rich Little’s involvement in this story ended a few paragraphs back.

That evening, I spoke with my friend. He told me about this girl in Philadelphia, Helaine, who still remembered me – and he said I should call her.

So that’s how Rich Little put me back in tou… Yeah, OK. I’m leaving something out.

My friend told me to call, and I did. But I called four months later! Maybe four months is charitable. I didn’t call for a long time… a really long time.

Like a typical, foolish guy, I thought there was something suspect about any girl who might like me. I was an idiot. I nearly let her slip away.

In a few weeks we celebrate our 23rd anniversary. Maybe we need to send something to Rich Little and my unnamed friend.

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