JDRF Dinner

Tonight, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation held their yearly appreciation dinner following the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. I was told the two walks I’m involved with raised $900,000.

Yes, that’s a lot of money to be raised in Southern Connecticut. Makes me feel good and I’m by no means alone.

Because of the early news, I walked in while the program was already in progress. Within a few minutes I was called to speak. Oops – I had no clue I’d be asked.

Everyone there was very nice to me.

If you want to know the upside of celebrity (and in my little pond, I suppose I’m a big fish) it’s stuff like this.

I’m able to move tens of thousands of dollars of free publicity toward this organization year-after-year. I help add a little credibility for those just getting involved.

These are things you don’t consider when you crave celebrity – and growing up, I did crave celebrity.

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