Cramming For Finals – The Other Side

I was up in the middle of the night, playing Scrabble online, when the “buh-duh-dee-doop” of IM came across my speakers. It was a friend, typing from Tallahassee where he’s a professor at FSU.

He made a comment about something I had said hours earlier (how typical is that of IM conversations) and we chatted a few minutes. Then he had to go. He had to grade finals.

That’s right – like students cramming to get everything done, he was up in the middle of the night, hoping to make today’s deadline… which he did, finishing at 8:30 AM.

When I was a kid, I thought school teachers never went to the bathroom. Now another education myth has been busted.

One thought on “Cramming For Finals – The Other Side”

  1. Yep….another myth busted. Academics don’t always lead a laid back, idyllic exsistance filled with books and discussions about important things. I teach at a small college and run the PEG channels in a small rural town. Finals week is always difficult for me because I have the end of the semester grading (four classes) and the production preparations for the commencement ceremony. Late nights before Christmas are SOP around here.

    I finished grading exams and dubbing copies of commencement yesterday. I just started Christmas shopping and shipping….so sometimes family members get New Years presents instead of Christmas presents.

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