Is It The Kiss Of Death?

Have you seen the cover of Sports Illustrated? Of course you have. There it is over to the left.

That’s Jeff Garcia, Philadelphia Eagles fill-in quarterback. He is here because Donovan McNabb is not. Jeff Garcia, a discarded quarterback well past his peak, is our savior. He’s amazing every second he’s on the field. If this is my football dream, I don’t want to wake up.

But now he’s on the cover of S.I. Oh no!

You see, being on the cover of Sports Illustrated is an honor, but it comes with the world famous SI cover jinx. No, I’m serious. Even lesser sports fans, like me, have heard about it. Sports Illustrated itself, in a true exercise in navel gazing, has written about it.

Whether it’s true or false… it had better be false this time. From here on out, as the Eagles start the first round of the playoffs, it’s win or walk.

I wish they would have put someone else on the cover. How about Tiki or anyone named Manning? Don’t the Giants deserve a little additional attention?

4 thoughts on “Is It The Kiss Of Death?”

  1. As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, I am thrilled to see Jeff Garcia on the cover of SI. I only wish he was there a few weeks earlier…

  2. I thought the Red Sox broke the SI cover curse at the same time as they broke the Curse of the Bambino. Either that, or some combination of the Sox and UConn basketball that year did it.

    But that said, I’m glad SI put the Eagles on the cover instead of my Pats… :}

    (For the record, I’m rooting for the Eagles this weekend because they’re not the Giants. Go Eagles! 🙂

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