Hearts – In Mysterious Ways

I got an email from Chris yesterday –

I went to visit my mom in Shelton last Thursday morning, early. There was a light snow on the ground.

While there we talked about finding a heart to put on her front door for Valentine’s day. I left and went to work.

She called me a short while later to say she didn’t need to find a heart for her door as my car had left her two hearts in the driveway.

Following is a picture of what she saw as I backed out of the driveway.

You can click on the photo to see a larger version.

I have examined this with a few people and spoke to Chris on the phone. Everything leads me to believe the photo is legit. There are no signs of manipulation (other than my ramping the contrast a little).

Those are real tire tracks!

It would seem Chris pulled straight in. Then, when she went to back up to leave, cocked the wheel, so the car would turn parallel to the road.

The bottom of the heart is made by her front tires. The ‘crease’ on the heart’s top is her back tires.

I don’t think you could have planned this and had it come out so perfectly. This is very cool.

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