Anna Nicole – An Observation

Anna Nicole Smith died this afternoon. Death, especially early death, is tragic. I don’t wish to make light of that.

When I heard the news I had two immediate reactions.

  • Wow – what a surprise
  • I’m not surprised

Is it possible to be surprised and not surprised at the same time? I spoke with a co-worker over the phone and when I mentioned it, he said he had the very same reaction.

In any case, a tragic end to a tragic life.

3 thoughts on “Anna Nicole – An Observation”

  1. Hmm, I see where you are going with this. I think what you mean is that you were surprised at learning of her death, but given her lifestyle, she was more likely to die at a young age than others. Many people increase their chances of an early mortality through reckless behavior as Anna did, however, such an early exit is always rare and can never really be anticipated.

    On a lighter note, do you have any links to a list of yearly snowfall totals here in Connecticut? I’m curious to see how Mother Nature’s abysmal performance stacks up to past winters. Thanks!


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