Picture Taking

CameronMatt Scott, from the TV station, asked if I’d take some photos of his daughter, Cameron.

All I can think about is the wedding pictures my parents had taken, but never got! A friend – not a pro was the photographer. You can fill in the blanks.

Nearly sixty years later, they haven’t forgotten.

I have a new flash that I am just learning and techniques to be tested. I’m unhappy with most of the shots. The color is off. The light level seems off too. That’s the bad news.

The good news is, with digital photograph, nearly all the flaws are fixable.

Later tonight I’ll go searching for advice on using my Speedlight. right now, all I know is, attach it to the top of the camera and hope for the best. That’s not good enough.

3 thoughts on “Picture Taking”

  1. Look into a Gary Fong Lightsphere- they do a nice job of difusing the flash output. Also consider bouncing it off the wall or ceiling (if you didnt already) Natural light is really a nice way to go with children too.

  2. I bounced it off the ceiling, but most of the walls are not painted white and that is what threw me off I suspect. I have not seen a Lightsphere before, but Gary Fong’s website makes it look like a “Swiss Army Knife” for flash pictures. Is it really that good?

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