Geoff To Storm – You’ve Got Potential

Finally a big storm heading toward the Northeast. I don’t think it’s going to be big in the classical sense of the word… the Oswego County, NY sense of the word. But it still looks like a pain.

When I woke up Saturday, I told Helaine early indications were for a foot or two of snow! That’s something I can say to her, but would have never said on-the-air. The info was just too sparse and the guidance had shifted the track radically since early Friday.

On the Internet, Drudge had picked up on AccuWeather’s fearless call. Henry Margusity,’s Sr. Meteorologist and Severe Weather Expert, saw what I saw and believed it would be all snow – and a lot of it.

It’s funny that with all our computers and guidance, at some point it comes down to a matter of opinion. Margusity thought the cold air’s effect was underdone by the models, I did not. We’ll see.

I’m certainly not here claiming victory for a forecast I’ve never publicly delivered and which might change after I get out of the pajamas I’m wearing and into a suit.

To me, it looks like a sloppy mess with rain, sleet and freezing rain. It could actually end up being more dangerous than a straight, large snowstorm!

It’s unlikely anything will fall until Tuesday evening. Still, today will be a day filled with viewer anticipation and forecaster angst.

All I want is for whatever I finally say publicly to come true… and for Helaine to tell no one I pondered calling for two feet.

3 thoughts on “Geoff To Storm – You’ve Got Potential”

  1. When Henry Margusity said yesterday “Throw out all the models they’re wrong!” I knew he was putting himself out of the proverbial limb.

  2. I haven’t heard anything about it from the forecasters, but does this storm have the potential to knock out a lot of power lines? It seems like the combination of heavy, wet snow, freezing rain, and wind could pose quite a problem. Any thoughts?

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