Strange Storm

Wednesday’s storm is over. Not as much snow as I thought, but sleet/freezing rain took center stage. I’d played that up on the air, so there’s some relief deep inside the inner Geoff.

Yes, I’d like to get snow totals right, but in this case the slickness of the precipitation trumped everything else.

Frank came and plowed the inch or two in our driveway. Helaine told me. It was hard to tell by the time I got home at midnight. This is his first plow of the season. He’s got to be hurting.

A truck from the town finished plowing my street a few minutes ago. He painstakingly traced the edge of the circle at the end of our cul de sac. A quality job.

Does the time of day and his current hourly rate enter into his desire to be thorough? I’m not complaining.

Every storm is different. This one will be exceptionally difficult to treat. It’s very cold outside – that certainly enters into it. I also suspect, the less porous ice isn’t absorbing the salt/sand as deeply as snow would.

In any event, it’s very slippery out. Many schools will start late, or won’t start at all, in the morning. I will be the student’s friend.

On to the next storm.

One thought on “Strange Storm”

  1. Meanwhile a few miles southwest… we had verga-snow (if that’s the right term) during the night when surface temps got just below freezing. Now, at 8:45 AM,CST, the sun is bright and it will warm quite nicely. It’s good to live in South Texas.

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