I Get The Best Spam

I was just cleaning out my spam mail bin when I found another interesting Russian email. I don’t read Russian (though I recognize the Cyrillic letters), but I recognize the fixture pictured.

Russian spam (I get a lot) tends to look a lot more legitimate than American spam. They’re advertising real products and they post real phone numbers.

This one is still very weird!

A computer generated translation follows…

Translatation from Babel Fish:

Let “SensPa” it bring into your house of heat- and comfort! Japanese- Korean company “jack Of global” proposes universal device electronic cover -bide “SensPa”. Company is the exclusive representative of the production of the Korean plant, which lets out covers -bide bearing the trademark “SensPa” for Russia. Cover -bide is established on the toilet instead of the usual seat, is connected to the cold water and the electro-rosette. With the aid of the built-in foehn and the sliding sprayers “SensPa” are fulfilled the functions: to bide, washing, hydro-massage, drying, preheating seat. Digital knob control makes it possible to regulate the temperature of water, drying, seat. Cover -bide is made with the application of the newest silver nano-technologies, which make article completely antibacterial! Covers -bide received their propagation in the majority of the countries of peace. This production as “SensPa” gradually conquers the market for sanitary engineering in Russia, since it is convenient in the use, it is universal, it does not be required separate place for to bide, is not necessary also mixer, it is completely Russianized. “SensPa” it is especially convenient for the elderly people, for the patients with haemorrhoid, become pregnant, etc. Our coordinates: OOO the “jack Of global Of ko.Ltd” of g.Moskva, Nakhimov so on- t, d.2ya OF “EKSPOSTROY” pavilion №y(novyy korp.)stend V -25, pavilion № 6 office of 525 tel/f:(ya9shch)”y9-00-9ya of /Sot. 8-926-172-00-36 e-mail: senspabide@mail.ru Operating time: Daily from 9.30 to 19.00 (without the dinner) to oyedevate to uzmnapnyyu of ogda of eobnyasl to ooozhnztdake of aiyeyil

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