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There is more to CHKDSK than just CHKDSK!

CHKDSK has three levels of ‘stuff.’ Using a function hidden in the disk drive’s properties, there are two more levels. That’s what I’m using now and a whole lot of bad clusters have been discovered and replaced!

It is a s-l-o-w process. My guess is 6-8 hours to completion… but it’s just a guess.

Do these clusters mean the hard drive is slowing dying? Is this a small event which is now under control? I am currently clueless.

This video demonstrates the process I used to get where I am.

Quick PC Disk Error Check And Recovery

One thought on “More Laptop Update”

  1. Yeah that’s the intensive look @ the media to see If I can store data check.

    If your disk produces a lot of bad sectors you might want to backup what you can and replace the drive.

    Also a tip – if for some reason, Windows XP says that it can’t complete the test for some reason.

    Try forcing CHKDSK to run before Windows loads by


    Start>Run>Type cmd> Press Enter

    @ the command prompt

    type – chkdsk /f /r drive letter :

    press enter

    It will prompt it can’t currently scan but if you want you can schedule the scan when Windows reboots.

    /F= Automatic Fix Errors when found

    /R= Attempt Recovery of information if bad sectors are found.

    I prefer this method since there are no open programs that could interfer with the scan.

    Good Luck!

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