It Only Hurts When They Speak

From my Cousin Michael in sunny, crispy, Southern California:

According to Melissa, on KTLA radio this morning the announcer said that the switch to daylight savings time was good news regarding the Anaheim Hill fire, since there was now an extra hour of darkness when the fire was less likely to spead. Then the other announcers agreed. We live in a land of morons.

KTLA is a TV station. There’s no KTLA radio, so they’re off the hook.

That leaves us with three points here.

  1. The days of Edward R. Murrow are over
  2. Some listeners perceive news anchors as announcers – people who read and add no expertise to the situation.
  3. Some radio station needs a better name recognition campaign

As with Major League Baseball, is it possible we’ve expanded media to the point we’re thinned the herd a little too much?

4 thoughts on “It Only Hurts When They Speak”

  1. Actually, it was a tv station anchor (KTLA) that said it and when I repeated the anecdote in the courtroom of the Victorville Superior Court, nobody got it there either (1 bailiff, 1 clerk, 1 court reporter & several attorneys, the judge had not yet taken the bench)

  2. It’s been my observation that many, if not most news personalities on TV are “news readers” reading someones else’s copy. I’ve sent one of my local stations comments on things some of the things some of them say, and one of newscaster responds via return email and on occassion actually changes or modifies the statement read earlier in a newscast. Makes one wonder if these people actually went to college and took English courses. But then, you have already been subjected to my editing of comment. Thanks for putting up with my oddity.

  3. The days of Edward R. Murrow are long over (if they ever existed, with the exception of Murrow himself).

    Today news anchors are announcers, and talk show hosts are comedians.

    Have you noticed that the only intelligent talk on a.m. radio these days — at least in Southern California — is on sports stations? What does it mean for our culture when sports talk is smart and news talk is dumb?

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