On The Way Out

Our trip to the airport – uneventful. About five minutes from the parking lot, Helaine asked if we were running late. We’re at the gate with no one from Southwest. Guess not.

We’re flying from Hartford to Chicago Midway and then on to Las Vegas. One stop, no change of planes.

I just popped the radar in another browser tab. There’s a long, thin line of thunderstorms – train echoes is the term – just north of Chicago. We’ll see how much impact that has on our day. The anticipation is we’re in Las Vegas around 4:00 PM.

Usually, before a Vegas trip, we watch Chevy Chase in “Vegas Vacation.” We didn’t, but we’ve brought it (and two sets of headphones) along to watch on the plane. That will probably be the MDW-LAS leg. Right now I’m looking for some quality nap time.

It was in the 20&#186s as we drove to the airport. Las Vegas should approach 70&#186 this afternoon.


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