A Few Words About The MGM Grand

This hotel is huge… and beautiful. It’s not as beautiful as the Mirage, but close.

Most of the permanent fixtures – carpeting, lights, wall covering – are subdued. The bright lights are garishness is limited to the slots.

There are a multitude of bars throughout the place, including one near the poker room where the staff dances atop the bar from time-to-time.

Our room is spacious with a very nice bathroom. Good water pressure – always a plus. Las Vegas has hard water, which makes it more difficult to rinse after a shower.

The view out our window is spectacular. We are looking north, up the strip. We can easily see the Stratosphere, which has to be a few miles away. Also in sight are Paris, Bellagio, Casers, a bit of Mirage, and the Monte Carlo.

We’ve got tickets to Gordie brown this evening. Once again we’ll take the monorail.

Fr most Vegas visitors, the monorail seems out of the way. With a station right here at MGM, one at the Hilton and another not too far from the the Venetian (where Gordie Brown plays) it has made lots of sense for us.

About 1/3 of the MGM Poker Room las vegas 3-2007
Dancing on the bar at MGM Grand las vegas 3-2007
Slot tournament at the MGM Grand las vegas 3-2007
View from our window las vegas 3-2007
View from our window las vegas 3-2007
Viper I didn’t win las vegas 3-2007
Ground floor elevator lobby las vegas 3-2007

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