Memo To Mayors

I know this is my last day working mornings, but I do have a suggestion to help future generations: At 3:00 AM, traffic lights don’t need to go through the full cycle!

Every time I’ve stopped at a light, waiting to proceed to the next red light, I’ve pondered how ridiculous this is. You sit at the intersection looking around and realizing, there are no other cars within striking distance.

It’s 2007. I’m guessing all the traffic signals are microprocessor driven. Make them blink. Make them all blink red- I’m willing to stop, then go.

If I were driving through Midtown Manhattan, maybe I’d feel differently. I’m not. I don’t.

6 thoughts on “Memo To Mayors”

  1. Agreed 100% on that one Geoff!! I’ve wasted about 1 year of my life sitting at those lights over the last 18 years of this wonderful shift that you are sleep-walking through this week! You and I know that the one time you run the light, Officer Joe will be right there waiting…happened once in West Hartford and man was I bummed.

    Sleep tight over the weekend!


  2. I usually just treat them like a stop sign when it’s that late and nobody is around. Don’t tell my insurance company though 😉

  3. it’s a great idea, Geoff, but asking politicains to fix a simple problem creates more problems…the mayor would then commission a study, followed by hearings and debates…unless you ask during an election year.

  4. Hey Geoff! Totally agree on the light situation. However I did want to leave a small note to let you know you have made my mornings brighter. It really was an ABSOLUTE joy to see you in the morning. Coffee is a lifesaver especially at 3AM. I sincerely wish you would stick in the am until Mel returns however my I will welcome you back with many smiles and cheers to the evening broadcast. Have to admit YOU and Charlie Gibson just make my evenings!!!!!!!!!! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY AND WEEKEND – I’ll be waiting for you!

  5. I always hated that.. In Rockford, I always got stuck at the corner of Riverside and the W. Riverside Walmart parking lot at 4am. Funny thing was that it was always the UNDER CONSTRUCTION side of the intersection that triggered the light, not the Walmart side.

    In Madison (and most of Wisconsin) the “less traveled” roads get a flashing red light and the “main roads” get flashing yellows at night. Of course where a main road meets a main road, the stoplights still function as normal.


  6. I work night shift on Sargent Drive in New Haven, and my way home takes me past IKEA. At 3am, when I’m usually going home, that light is not only cycling, but the special Green Arrow to allow IKEA traffic in and out is operating, too. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Those traffic lights are less than 3 years old. They must be programmable to allow for a “flashing” cycle after midnight.

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