Good Parenting As Taught By Alec Baldwin

Good grief! I just heard the entire Alec Baldwin voice mail message to his pre-teen daughter. That’s a lot of anger Alec!

As a parent, I have had occasion to be upset with my daughter. I’m sure I’ve told her I was angry or upset, sometimes in a loud voice.

OK, I’ve yelled at her.

I’m not proud of that. Just because you’re the parent doesn’t make everything you do correct.

However, this recording is beyond anything I could imagine. How could a parent harangue his child this way?

I cringed as I listened. Even worse, when there were opportunities for Baldwin to stop and just hang up the phone, he continued, consistently ratcheting up the rhetoric time-after-time.

Word is, the breakup of his marriage to Kim Basinger had the feel good atmosphere of a Shia/Sunni picnic. Tough break. That doesn’t give him a pass to sound like a sociopath and be a cruel jerk toward his child – even if it puts his anger in perspective.

I really don’t have pithy advice to offer here. There’s no payoff to this entry. I just wanted to make it public; I’ve heard the recording and I’m flabbergasted.

It will live forever on the Internet. To his 11 year old daughter, Ireland, forever is going to be a very long time.

5 thoughts on “Good Parenting As Taught By Alec Baldwin”

  1. I, too, was disgusted when I heard Mr. Baldwin’s tirade this afternoon. I cannot imagine a scenario that would cause me to say such horrible things to either of my young children. Only slightly less damaging to this young girl is the fact that someone on her mother’s “team”, possibly even her own mother, chose to release the recording to Not only was a 12-year-old girl verbally-abused by her own father, but now she is also humiliated in front of the entire world. Will it garner her sympathy? Absolutely. Will it hinder Mr. Baldwin’s chances at gaining custody of his daughter? Sure. But if the Basinger camp wanted to use the incident against Mr. Baldwin in their seemilngly-endless custody battle, they should have presented it to a judge in a closed court room like responsible adults. By choosing to make this public, they have stooped almost as low and immature as Mr. Baldwin.

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