Storms and Planes

I’ve been busy in my own world this afternoon, looking at the thunderstorms off to our west. I think they’ll stay away.

Meanwhile, halfway across the country, Helaine’s in Milwaukee, waiting for some friends to arrive from the New York area. I suppose their pilot has also been looking at the thunderstorms.

As is the 21st Century way, Helaine monitored the flight online. The information this afternoon has been less than complete. There were delays, but they were indefinite. Little solid info has been posted. I imagine it wasn’t much better in the airport.

A few minutes ago, we spoke again. This time I had a better chance to look at the flight she’s following and was amazed at what I saw.

If you look closely at the flight path, you’ll see the plane left LaGuardia and then made a few circles over the New York area. I’m guessing this was to sequence flights from the four&#185 big New York area airports for their indirect trip south of the thunderstorms and out to the west.

I’m surprised the flight took off without real clearance to actually be on its way. Circling is something I didn’t think planes did much anymore. It’s really wasteful. And even when planes must circle, you’d think it would be limited to just before landing, not just after taking off.

4 thoughts on “Storms and Planes”

  1. interesting. what is the wensite you’re using to track flights? i’ve seen a bunch, but that one looks great.

  2. I flew jfk to tampa in March. Takeoff was delayed 78 minutes. We arrived at the gate in Tampa 7 minutes late. Did my plane go into afterburner? I was told the plane took a more direct route. I didn’t realize that planes took less than direct routes to begin with. But circling the airport you just left? That makes no sense to me.

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