Ever Ask For A Favor?

My Bluetooth earpiece broke yesterday. I’m attached to that thing, though I’m told it looks like I’m wearing a penis on my ear. Alas, the problem was not crazy gluable.

I found a good price on a recommended Plantronics model from NewEgg in California, a company I’ve bought from before and with a good rep in the business. I requested next day delivery.

It wasn’t until after I paid that I saw you could pay extra and get ‘rush service.’ Isn’t that implied when you pay for next day delivery? I hadn’t paid the extra amount, so I wrote to NewEgg.

I am a good customer. I would appreciate any help in getting this order out today. I’ve never asked before, but hope you can help.


Geoff Fox

Before you read the response, a question. Have you ever been standing in the TSA screening line at the airport and had someone ask if they could get ahead. It’s implied they need to get ahead, and I’ve never said no. Who would?

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Newegg.

I’m sorry, we do not put “one customer” over another, it would not be fair.

All our orders are processed equally, the same time depending on when the order was received.

We process all orders as quickly as possible within our 24-48 hour processing time, most orders will ship within 24 hours or less depending on warehouse load.

I do apologize if you fee slighted that was not my intent, however, you are not the only customer we serve and to give you special handling would not be fair to our other customers.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please visit our FAQs page.

Thank you,

Scott (redacted)

Of course Scott’s right… and he’s wrong. At the very least he should have asked someone there how long it might take, because my order did ship last night in spite of his protestations and my failure to pony up for rush service! It’s on the truck from North Haven, heading to my house as I type.

What I end up with is the worst of all world’s for NewEgg. I get what I wanted and I’m still upset with them!

I will likely continue to be a customer. Scott was probably operating within company policy. However, in my opinion he did the wrong thing because he did nothing.

I’m guessing if I ran into Mr. or Ms. NewEgg… someone with a stake in the company, they’d say the same thing.

9 thoughts on “Ever Ask For A Favor?”

  1. Geoff,

    I’m not sure if you know this or not but the newegg ordering process is almost completely automated. I saw something on the tube about them. When orders are placed a colored bin is assigned to it. One color for normal orders and another for “special/rush” orders, then bins then are tagged with a bar code with the order then they run down a conveyor system to get filled.

    So, don’t qoute me on this, if you need to change the order type then someone has to go to the floor, find you bin and then change it.

    Don’t know if this helps.

  2. I am willing to accept being the bad guy on this – asking for me than I should.

    Sometimes this blog is best at giving me the proper perspective on my own actions.

  3. I’ve dealt with Newegg three times. Each time I’ve had it delivered the next day without having to pay extra. They ship from New Jersey. Maybe I’m just lucky.

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