Cheese? Really? Cheese?

If you’re a steady reader of my blog&#185, you know I’ve been having trouble recently with my lips swelling. For no reason they go from ‘normal’ to Homer Simpson sized. Sometimes it’s the top lip. Sometimes it’s the bottom lip. Both corners have swelled up a different times as well.

It’s not painful, but it is troubling – and unsightly.

I went and saw my allergist today. He’s a really nice guy. I enjoy spending time with him. But, I think we both agree, I probably stumbled upon the cause before I got there. It’s ricotta cheese!


But Geoff, you might say, haven’t you eaten ricotta cheese all your life? Yes… except I’m on the Atkins Diet now. Ricotta cheese makes a great, Atkins friendly, dessert. I was eating half a coffee cup of ricotta cheese every single day – sometimes even more. That’s a lot more ricotta than I’d ever eaten over any extended period of time.

With enough time and quantity, any small resistance I had broke down. Even the antihistamine pills I take were no match for the power of cheese (sorry, I had to).

When Helaine made this startling discovery, I stopped eating the cheese. I haven’t swelled since. Isn’t that weird?

I asked the doctor if it’s possible to be allergic to ricotta cheese, but I knew the answer. You can be allergic to nearly anything.

So, it’s back to the drawing board for an Atkins friendly dessert.

You know, with a teaspoon of Splenda, ricotta cheese makes a great dessert… though not for me.

&#185 – You’ve really got to get a life.

3 thoughts on “Cheese? Really? Cheese?”

  1. Woo – Hoo! Mystery solved. Congratulations on getting off the antihistamine and discovering the culprit. May I suggest sugar free jello with a dollop of whipped cream?

  2. try some white grape sugar free jello combined with diet gingerale. It makes this sparkling treat and of course, the whip cream atkin friendly topping….evi

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