My Leg

I’ve been going to physical therapy, trying to get my leg to feel better. X-rays were negative. The assumption was, inflamed tendons.

OK – that’s not medically correct nomenclature, but it’s the best I can do. And it generally describes the prevailing wisdom about my leg… until this afternoon.

The physical therapist was perplexed. My leg was not responding to treatment. Even worse, as he’d press and poke, trying to make it hurt&#185, the pain was inconsistent. It flared in different places at different times.

Sometimes hitting the same spot twice would cause me to wince followed by no pain at all.

Two points he found that brought pain were associated with two separate tendons. It’s unlikely they’re both injured. It’s got to be something else.

The prevailing wisdom has changed. Maybe it’s not tendon related. Maybe it’s a hairline fracture that didn’t show up on the X-ray. I’m now told that’s common.

I’m seeing an orthopedist on Monday. Until then, the only two things I can do for my leg are wrap it in ice and complain.

I’m really good at complaining.

&#185 – Now there’s a job!

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  1. Time for an MRI, maybe? My husband jumped off a sea wall to show that being 50+ years old was no big deal..and…after a lot of xrays and PT, the MRI showed a greenstick fracture–“more common in kids than in geezers”said the ortho…it took a while to heal!!!! (and I thought he was over-playing a little strain….some nurse I am, huh?)evi

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