Michael Bloomberg… Really?

It’s been fascinating to follow the speculation over the last few days as New York City’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, switched from Republican to Independent. Is he thinking of running for president?

Though Bloomberg has said “no,” the speculation persists. The 24 hour news cycle must be fed. Even I’m not above speculating (and it’s not like I had to write about this… I could have told you about the two suits I bought today).

Bloomberg is an interesting guy. A self made billionaire, he still rides the subway to work. When he goes away for the weekend, taking his own jet to his own hideaway, he tells the press where he’s going and what he’s doing is none of their business. He’s a bachelor&#185. He’s Jewish.

If Mitt Romney’s religious affiliation has been a concern, how can Bloomberg’s not be? I’m Jewish and I’m surprised there hasn’t been any discussion of his religion.

There’s no doubt New York has flourished under Bloomberg. He speaks freely, which New Yorkers appreciate. He is not a fence straddler.

He is the guy, who after a plot to bomb Kennedy Airport was unveiled, said:

4 thoughts on “Michael Bloomberg… Really?”

  1. Per Wikipedia:

    Bloomberg married Yorkshire-born Susan Brown. After 19 years of marriage, they divorced in 1993.

  2. I think he’s seriously considering running. He switched from democrat to republican before running for mayor. I like the idea of an independent running who isn’t a fringe candidate like Perot or Nader.

    In addition, he doesn’t need to pander to powerful lobbyists for campaign finance. This could be refreshing.

    I’ve always wondered about the connection between he and Lieberman when Joe ran as an independent – He received quite a bit of help from Bloomberg. And, the fact that Joe won as an independent after all the national coverage over that campaign might have furthered Bloomberg’s interest in running not just as an independent, but a viable one.

    My question is this:

    Will he be accused, as Corzine was when he financed his own senatorial campaign in New Jersey, of buying the election, simply because he financed the campaign from his own very deep pockets?

    I hope not, I’d like to see if by financing his own campaign he is liberated from having to say the right thing to keep the special interest $$ coming in, thus alowing him to continue to speak his mind freely.

  3. As odd as this may possibly sound, coming from a Christian,if the only two choices were a Jewish Bloomberg and a Mormon Romney, I would prefer Bloomberg. Many Christians find the Mormon religion to be too strange (yes, I know that’s not the most PC term I could use) –and after reading more about it a few years ago, I agree. And, religion aside, Romney has a creepy feel, Bloomberg would be a better leader.

  4. Grow up! Get off religion FOREVER, and look at the quality of the man. He’s successful as a politician and as a business man, he’s a super-brainy organizer, has strong convictions about right and wrong, and he most certainly cannot be bought. It’s regrettable he did not enter this coming presidential race. Let us hope for a surprise!

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