My Lips Aren’t Pretty

Sometime this evening my lower lip began to swell. Later, after dinner, my upper lip followed suit. I look like Botox gone bad!

Dear Geoff,

I just finished watching you on the Monday Newschannel 8 broadcast, and couldn’t help but notice that you did not appear as your usual self. It looked as though you may have had some type of oral surgery, as your lips appeared quite swollen. Hope it is nothing serious, and that you mend well. In the meantime, I’ll continue to tune in (as I always do), and will continue to monitor the situation!

I’ve had this problem before, but thought it had been brought under control with antihistamines. Guess not.

It doesn’t hurt. It is unsightly. And, it bothers me because I have no idea what’s causing this nor how to get rid of it. Even WebMD lists no cause when you enter the symptom “swollen lips.”

A quick peek in the mirror shows I’m currently a cross between Gary Shandling and Homer Simpson. This can’t be good.

5 thoughts on “My Lips Aren’t Pretty”

  1. Yikes, hope it isn’t an allergic reaction? Can you trace it to any food you eat? That can be dangerous…I developed adult food allergies and it is scary that something(s) you’ve eaten all your life can suddenly kill you! Get to an allergist!

  2. I was watching you at 11, noticed and remembered why your lips were like that, because you talked about it on the blog before. Hope you feel better.

  3. A friend of mine had a similar problem, which he finally figured out was tied to taking ibuprofen. Since he stopped taking that, he’s been fine. I agree you should get to an allergist! Take care!

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