Enjoying Vegas

I wish I knew what was going on with my website. yesterday I couldn’t get in. Today, my friend Rick (in Connecticut) is shut out!

I just don’t want to spend time troubleshooting while I’m on the road. Can you blame me?

I did want to post a few videos. These aren’t particularly good (in fact they’re pretty awful), but if you’ve never been to Vegas, they may give you a little feel.

Here’s a daylight drive south, down the Strip.

Here is a slot machine tournament at the MGM Grand. The machines are set to run on time, and all the participants do is move their hands up and down.

I took this one holding my cellphone out the window as I drove down Las Vegas Blvd. at night

Finally, I took this one at the Pinball Hall of Fame. My Cousin Max, age 9, had never seen or played with a real pinball machine before!

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